Mobile, modular and in-house MRI and CT

We understand the pressures that setting up a new diagnostic imaging service, Community Diagnostic Hub, or extending an existing department can bring.

RMS will work with you to establish your diagnostic imaging requirements and will deliver a fully managed solution to reduce radiology waiting lists. That may include maximising existing CT and MRI scanners, staffing them up to 18 hours a day and at the weekend with our highly experienced team of radiographers. This service is RMS’s core offering which helps our NHS Trust customers save money when compared to using mobile scanning units.

We also offer a wide range of static and modular solutions designed to help NHS hospitals increase diagnostic imaging capacity to reduce patient waiting times. When compared to the capital outlay of a permanent build, or the cost of using a mobile unit for more than 3 days a week, a modular unit can provide the most cost-effective way of meeting increasing clinical demand.

RMS can also staff additional modular units up to 18 hours a day with our trained and highly qualified radiographers.

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