RMS has a team of cross sectional imaging managers with vast experience in delivering successful services in both the NHS and Private Sector. This knowledge puts RMS in a very strong position to be able to design and implement a robust and bespoke CT imaging or MR provision into NHS Trusts that can adapt and react to the challenges ahead. 


Within every industry or service provider, there is always a better way of performing a task or learning something new. 
RMS has a network of the highest quality personnel at its disposal and can offer enhanced knowledge and development within your Radiology department. All of RMS’s experienced practitioners have invaluable insight into the evolution of the radiographer and advanced practice. 
Basic MR and CT training 
This includes the basic principles of CT scanning and MR scanning ‘on the job’, including practical applications of scanner software and pathology. 
Teaching delivered by university lecturers with international experience. Subject matter can be of varying academic levels including practical aspects of medical imaging or anatomy and pathology. 
Advanced Applications 
The RMS team is able to visit your department and make a real difference. RMS has consultants that are able to streamline existing protocols and techniques to improve capacity management and efficiency. RMS also has specialist practitioners that are able to work within departments to develop new techniques and protocols that are both robust and practical. 
Application Troubleshooting 
With over 20 years’ experience in cross-sectional imaging, RMS application consultants have expert knowledge of a wide range of equipment and manufacturers. 


Having many years’ experience in both the Private and NHS Radiology environment, the management team behind RMS offers considerable knowledge and understanding in the methods of auditing programs specifically for Radiology departments. 
On a consultant basis, our experts will visit Radiology departments and carry out a number of assessments on various departmental aspects including: 
• Staffing levels 
• Equipment and technical requirements 
• Departmental development 
• Procedure efficiencies 
• Protocol assessment 
By employing RMS initiatives, it is possible to increase patient throughput, reduce time on cases, increase staff efficiency, eliminate patient recalls and relieve bottlenecks in departmental processes. 
Radiology Management Solutions will objectively evaluate your department and propose a number of key initiatives to increase system efficiencies and realise much-needed savings in line with cost improvement plans within the NHS. 


To save on costly tendering processes, RMS will assist in avoiding costly Managed Services options and find solutions with our working partners to establish a more efficient and productive environment, at a much lower cost. 
Working with an unparalleled understanding of the needs of the NHS and in particular the requirements of the modern-day Radiology department, RMS is ready to start assisting its clients make those valuable savings both in the short and long term. 
As part of the progression towards managed services, RMS can work with a Radiology department to advise how best to use existing equipment. We can also look at the development of equipment and ensure Trusts maximize efficiency. 
RMS will not only look at the medical case for investment but also the business case to support. All too often the decision is made to support the medical case when the higher value machine has no significant benefit unless a niche service is being provided. We will simply look at the numbers needed to perform the job in hand at a level to ensure maximum output, without the extra expense. 
By commissioning a simple audit by RMS, you could save your Trust hundreds of thousands of pounds and have a better understanding of imaging requirements. 
If you are interested in finding out more please contact us 


With the massive demands placed upon the Radiology department and radiographers, there is limited opportunity for staff to trial new and innovative techniques that might be seen as extreme. 
RMS radiographers have vast experience and knowledge in the development of protocols that will not only enhance the service level of the imaging department, but will also open other avenues for income streams and provisions. 
RMS and its sister companies can deliver the following protocols: 
• PM Scanning MR & CT 
• Stroke and cardiac imaging 
If you have a requirement for a specific protocol that is not listed, please contact us
TIA and Acute Stroke Imaging 
RMS has a radiographic team that is able to deliver a complete stroke imaging and TIA service. Both CT and MRI scanning have been at the forefront of stoke treatment for several years, our radiographers are able to provide imaging to complement the diagnosis and treatment of stroke. 
RMS practitioners have expertise in CT, including angiography and perfusion scanning, and also in MR in fast imaging protocols, including DWI and carotid contrast enhanced angiography. 
Radiology Management Solutions has individuals who have formulated a practical, efficient stroke patient pathway in accordance with NICE guidelines including ‘fast’ access ‘fast’ scanning protocols to meet the demands of the modern hospital. These have been implemented throughout the country and have been endorsed by the British Institute of Radiology. 
Cardiac Imaging 
One of the biggest developments in the western world is the early detection, prevention and treatment of heart disease. RMS has specialist staff who are able to perform CT imaging and MR cardiac imaging to a high level, including coronary CT, structural MR and viability scanning. 


RMS has a small team of highly specialized staff. These staff are able to ‘tailor make’ protocols, refine existing sequences and techniques and help in the implementation of new technologies and protocols. This aids patient pathways and streamlines existing protocols. 
Some examples of previous applications include small bowel, advanced DWI, fistula protocol and 3-minute stroke protocol. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can assist in your request. The entire process of setup and training can be completed in a short time frame and typically return on investment is achieved within a matter of months. 
The RMS team will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. 
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