Community Diagnostic Centres

Give your Community Diagnostic Centres the treatment they deserve. We help the NHS manage and staff Community Diagnostic Hubs & Centres with our highly trained radiographers.

Supporting Community Diagnostic Hubs

Community Diagnostic Centres (CDC) were established as part of the NHS improvement scheme. NHS England aims to transform the current care delivery models and deliver diagnostic services closer to the patient’s home.

New Community Diagnostic Centres will improve diagnostic capacity by increasing the availability of in-house diagnostic tests. In turn, we aim to reduce the pressure on hospitals to deliver diagnostic testing services and provide an improved patient experience.

The independent review of diagnostic health services, completed by Professor Sir Mike Richards in 2020, recommended significant reform and investment in critical diagnostic services. The key areas for improvement within health services include equipment and facilities, workforce, digitisation and connectivity, and other enablers to deliver the required change.

Our management and staffing of Community Diagnostic Centres is designed to help NHS Trusts deliver on this required change across the UK.

Our unique staffing solution

We only work with the best, highly-trained radiographers to provide direct access to diagnostic tests and imaging. Our team work across multiple sites to fulfill existing waiting lists and extend the open hours of a  department to manage backlogs. We provide:

  • Over 200 radiographers
  • Over 25 ultrasonographers
  • 10,000 scans completed annually
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Awards and Accreditations

Working in partnership with the NHS

We have been leading the way in high-quality staffing solutions for over ten years. RMS work closely with NHS imaging and radiography departments across Wales, Yorkshire and the North-West to reduce radiology waiting lists and improve health outcomes. And since 2020, RMS has helped the NHS reduce their backlog of radiology patients following the pandemic. We will continue to support NHS England with fully-trained radiographers for the Community Diagnostic Centres.

RMS partners with modular and mobile unit suppliers to deliver complete Community Diagnostic Centres that work for your NHS Trust. Our trusted hardware partners have experience in establishing and managing the requirements of Community Diagnostic Hubs. Together, we offer a complete solution for NHS Trusts looking to quickly set up and staff Community Diagnostic Centres.

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Training and development

There is a shortage of radiographers and clinical support workers in the UK. We are pleased to be helping the NHS retain and train more entry-level radiographers.

We are currently going through a period of extraordinary growth as our team continues to help radiology departments across the UK. If you are interested in a career in radiography or you’re a student radiographer, please get in touch now.

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