MODULAR & MOBILE MRI UNITS Modular provision - A viable alternative to fixed or mobile units 

RMS offer a wide range of static, modular solutions designed to help NHS hospitals increase diagnostic imaging capacity to reduce patient waiting times. 
And, when compared to the capital outlay of a permanent build, or the cost of using a mobile unit for more than 3 days a week, a modular unit can provide the most cost-effective way of meeting increasing clinical demand. 
RMS can also staff additional modular units up to 18 hours a day with our trained and highly qualified radiographers. 

Modular MRI Units have many benefits: 

Modular MRI Units have many benefits: 
Immediate additional scanning capacity to reduce radiology waiting lists. 
Ability to customise and design the space to suit the unique needs of an NHS Trust – including adding waiting rooms, reporting areas and bathrooms. 
Specify the equipment that you need and get the latest models. 
A modular MRI unit only needs some outdoor space, a parking area or similar, is quick to install and can be up and running in a matter of weeks, allowing more patients to be scanned and on their way to diagnosis and treatment. 

Mobile MRI Scanners 

A mobile MRI trailer would never be our first choice for a solution for our customers, however, we do realise that they have their place when all additional capacity options have been maximised. 
Running a clinic or hospital involves managing temporary changes in patient flow and dealing with unforeseen circumstances quickly and efficiently. We have developed a unique mobile MRI scanner rental concept where RMS provides clients with a wide selection of customised medical MRI trailers, available for short and long-term rental. 
We provide the very latest state-of-the-art mobile and modular MRI scanners, to provide the best experience for our patients, including wide bore scanners. 
If needed we can also include technical assistance, application training, site planning and a full-service contract to support the mobile offering. 
For more information, please contact us 
The RMS team will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. 

 All of the information on this website is verified by: William Bailey - Director of Radiology Management Solutions.  30 years of experience in Radiology, previously managing the MR and CT department at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Mendeley Profile Link Radiography Online Contributions  

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