Highly skilled, experienced team 
RMS provides highly technical ultrasound imaging including MSK and Vascular. We provide specialist ultrasound scanning services for NHS Trusts, designed to maximise capacity on your in-house ultrasound scanners. Our solution reduces waiting lists for complex ultrasound scans and is delivered by a team of highly qualified and experienced sonographers. 
We work with Trusts to design and deliver a flexible ultrasound service, from one day a week up to a 7-day, from one scan to a completely managed service. Our team will open the existing ultrasound department out of hours and at weekends to ensure that NHS scanners are running at maximum capacity. 
Our team of 16 sonographers perform over 20,000 scans annually across the UK. 
Patient-centric approach 
We ensure that scans are delivered at the right time, in the right place and are undertaken by dedicated and highly experienced clinicians. We only use UK trained sonographers. All sonographers have master’s level qualification from C.A.S.E accredited UK universities. 
Our team of general ultrasound clinicians undertake all areas including: 
• Abdomen 
• Renal 
• Pelvis 
• Aorta 
• Obstetrics 
Specialist in Musculoskeletal and Vascular 
Our clinicians have a wealth of experience and expertise and routinely undertake the following scans daily: 
• Tendon tears or tendinitis in the shoulder, elbow, hand /wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot 
• Muscle tears, strains and pulls throughout the body 
• Small parts and scrotum 
• Rheumatology scanning using the standardised US definition and quantification system for RA synovitis including combined and individual SH and PD components. 
• Nerve entrapments such as carpal tunnel syndrome 
• Hernias 
Fertility Services 
Our highly skilled and qualified sonographers provide a range of fertility scans, with concise and useful scan reports immediately after the scan is complete.  
Fertility services include: 
• Ultrasound scans and follicle tracking 
• Baseline Antral Follicle Count 
• Cycle Synchronisation 
• Endometrial thickening scan 
• Visibility scan 
Learn more about our Ultrasound Diagnostic Services 


Radiology Management Solutions (RMS) has been awarded a 4-year framework agreement for the supply of radiology capacity management services (including our MRI Services & CT Scanning Services) by the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 
The framework means that NHS Trusts will be able to quickly work with RMS without lengthy procurement and tendering processes and is available for use by all NHS bodies and other public sector organisations in the UK. 


Radiology Management Solutions (RMS) has saved an NHS Trust circa £255,000 in annual savings through the provision of innovative MRI scanning solutions and imaging services. 
RMS (Radiology Management Solutions), the scanning specialist, has recently partnered with the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board for the supply of additional CT, MRI and ultrasound scanning services. 
Radiology Management Solutions (RMS) has helped NHS Trusts across the north complete an additional 64,000 CT and MR scans in the last year. 


The radiology team at a leading Welsh Health Board suffered a significant strain on their waiting lists which left 865 scans due to breach. RMS scanned all of these patients within 6 weeks whilst also supporting the daily Ultrasound lists. We’re proud to say that our team has never had any downtime or missed a scan for this Trust and we‘ve been working with this customer for over 2 years. 
Our Ultrasound team has been so successful in offering our ‘Integrated Capacity Services’ for NHS Trusts, one Hospital in the Northwest has used our services weekly for the last 5 years. 
RMS’s Ultrasound services are fully indemnified by NHS Resolution medical negligence, is CQC registered for 10 years and we enjoy excellent feedback from customers. 
We would be pleased to supply references from various NHS Trusts/CCGs/Clients. 
The RMS team will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours. 
All of the information on this website is verified by William Bailey - Director of Radiology Management Solutions 
30 years of experience in Radiology, previously managing the MR and CT department at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Mendeley Profile Link Radiography Online Contributions 
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